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Affordable Website Design

Small business owners today need a website.

Your potential clients / customers are online everyday... let them find you!   WealthySelf Marketing offers affordable websites for small business owners, contractors, entrepreneurs, restaurants, vacation rentals and more.

WealthySelf Marketing can personally build you a simple, yet impactful and cost-effective website  to get you showing up on the web quickly and painlessly. Offering inexpensive web design services using google sites the cost of a fully functional, simple website set-up typically ranges from $400 - $800. Domain name purchase and set up services are separate, but available.  Domain names typically renew annually for anywhere from $8-25/year.  

Why Google Sites?

- User Friendly Design Tools -
- No Monthly Fee -
- No Set up Fees -
- optimized for mobile devices as well as desktops & laptops -
- Easy to use Gadgets so Clients can Update Site with Photos, Slideshows, Blogs, Videos, Lists, News, etc. if you choose -
- Existing Themes & Templates -
- Integration with your Google Account  -
- Compatible with Google Drive (for Contact Forms) -
-  Optimized for search engines / Keyword Identification BY Google... the biggest search engine on the planet (with submission of sitemap) -

In a nutshell, working with Google Sites is relatively easy- keeping your costs down!    You provide the information about your business and Samantha will build you a web presence, expanding your potential customer base.

Want to build your own website using Google Sites,
but need help with the design tools or fixing it up?

Samantha can get in and fix your website to your liking, as well as assist with your sitemap submission so your website is found. See pricing details outlined in "Website Management" below for cost information.

Website Management

If the nature of your business requires continual site updates, WealthySelf Marketing can be retained for regular (daily, weekly, monthly) site maintenance, or is available on an as-needed basis.

As-needed services for site updates performed after the first month will billed at $30/half hour, in quarter-hour increments, unless prior arragements for continual updates have been made. The same rates apply for re-design work performed on Google Sites websites you built yourself.

Because a new website is a work-in-progress for many people, site updates within the first month of launching your site are free, if within the same scope of the original plan and corresponding pricing for your site.

Campaign Management 

There are many forms of online marketing. Some are short and sweet  and others are longer-term "campaigns" in which your business is marketed in certain ways, to certain people over an extended, yet flexible, duration of time.

For business owners who would really rather not get involved with learning the ins-and-outs of internet marketing, yet want their business to be found more easily than a needle in a haystack, WealthySelf Marketing can create and manage your online marketing campaigns with Google Adwords.

Have you ever gone to a website and seen ads on the bottom, or the top, or the side....or where ever... and seen the phrases "sponsored listings", "ads by google" or "ads by yahoo!"? Or perhaps you've gone to your preferred search engine (Google, MSN, Ask, Yahoo, etc.) and typed in an inquiry and
 found a list of results down the center of the page PLUS a list on the right hand side and in a highlighted box at the top and bottom of the page?
  These listings on the side and in the highlighted areas are called "sponsored sites" and they are a result of online marketing campaigns. The listings down the center of the page are called "organic" listings and with enough traffic to your website and with precise optimization of your web page, that - on the first page of results- is where every business owner wants to see their business.  Until then, having a sponsored listing appear on the first page of results is just as rewarding from a business development perspective, getting your business in front of those searching for what you offer, and generating traffic to your site. 

The more traffic your website generates, the more prominently it is displayed organically in the search engines.  Paid online campaigns can jump start your online exposure.

Online Marketing services are available on a continual basis, or as a one-time set up, and you take it from there.

The photo below is a screen shot of the first page search results for  one of samantha's clients.  The search bar shows the phrase being searched, the listing in the red circle shows the business as the first to appear in the organic listings, and the yellow shows a paid ad.