About Wealthyself Marketing

Why Choose Wealthyself Marketing?

Individualized Attention

Wealthyself Marketing is independently owned and operated by Samantha Cleveland in North Sutton, NH. Because this is not a corporate or "big business" endeavor, your project will not be bounced from person to person or get lost in the shuffle.

In fact, web design is merely one of multiple professional focal points Samantha maintains, and thus not all requests for web design services are able to be accepted. With that in mind, rest assured that if Samantha takes your project on, your website is being created because she enjoys the process and wants to do it. It's not a job, it's a choice- and she takes your business seriously.

Affordable & Effective

Wealthyself Marketing is committed to offering the highest level of customer service, understanding your business needs, and delivering a quality product you both feel great about.

Wealthyself Marketing Specializes in Local, Small Business Websites.

Clients may include, but are not limited to:

Building Trades

Skilled Trades

Municipal Departments


Hospitality / Lodging Industry

Educators / Trainers

Home Business Professionals

There are multiple ways to "get a website". Many could cost you thousands of dollars, and yet there are many that could be created for "free".

As an experienced entrepreneur, Samantha has experienced both ends of the spectrum, as well as those somewhere in between, and suggests you avoid the headache of both extremes.

While "free" certainly sound good to many people, the time you'll invest learning to create something that looks good, speaks to your customers, addresses your business goals, and is optimized to get the online results you're looking for is worth far more than the cost of having it built by Wealthyself Marketing. And the cost of Samantha building a website that effectively meets your needs is likely to be significantly less expensive than most web design companies.

Never claiming to be a tech-genius, Samantha simply utilizes existing tools for creating functional and visually appealing websites, keeping your costs down.

She's invested the time to learn to use the tools so that you don't have to.

Do what you do best, and let someone else do the rest!